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To keep your client’s hair looking good and full for as long as possible, we also offer repair services for your custom and stock hair replacement systems. There are two services available.

These repairs are done in-house in our Tarzana location. We have on-site repair facilities to have your repairs fixed and returned back to you in about 2-3 weeks (just in time for your next service appointment). The cost of the repair is priced on an hourly basis. You can send in your repairs and we can call you with price quotes upon request before we start the repair so that you can bill your client accordingly.

Hair Additions:
  • Add additional hair for more density or longer length
  • Add hi-lights
  • Add grey to the temples or where needed
Add tape patches
Re-size hairpieces
Re-perm hair

If your client is comfortable and has one or two spare units, you can send us your major repairs for a full refurbishing at the factory for a low flat price. Over-seas repairs are returned back to you in approximately 4-5 weeks.

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